Dave and Cathi McIntosh, owners

Dave diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Dave McIntosh, owner of Boarderstop prefers fishing (and swimming with the fishes) these days.

My knees have given out on me, so I don't go to the ski slopes much anymore. I keep putting off getting those knees rebuilt, so now I prefer to keep a low profile.

Cathi loves the turtles


Cathi, other owner of Boarderstop is always up for anything, so when we said we were going to take a boat and drive as fast as we can go for an hour straight out into ocean, then stop 30 miles from shore and jump out of that boat, she just said OK.

Thngs were fine when she was swimming in 30 feet of water, but when she drifted over to the edge of the reef. All she could see was a dark endless, bottomless abyss, and that wasn't a good thing. ​  

You can visit her at her store, 9RED  in midtown.

Owner, Dave McIntosh

Keep shopping at Boarderstop. I need to go on a few more vacations and things have been a little slow lately.

If you want or need anything we don't carry, keep asking. We always listen to our customers and if enough of you whine, cry, beg or complain about a brand we don't carry long enough, we normally will pick it up.

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